Sexual interest in children - Self-help programme

Sexuality comes in many forms and our sexual preferences can be directed to multiple objects. We can be sexually attracted to people of different ages and gender, and some of us also to certain things or artefacts. Sexual preferences and acting upon them are however two entirely separate issues. A decision to act upon one's own interest and preference cannot be based solely on one's own wishes.

Individuals have the right to express their sexuality fairly freely provided that it does not breach the rights of others, or break the law. However, there are acts that are never within the boundaries of freedom of sexual expression. Among them are all sexual acts that fulfil the characteristics of a criminal offence (Criminal Code). A child is vulnerable and needs special care and protection.

The user of this self-care program can not be individually identified in any way.

This self-help guide has been produced in collaboration with Save the Children, The Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services ​and HUH Psychiatry. This guide draws on the material of (I take responsibility).

What is it all about

when my sexual interest is directed towards children considerably younger than myself?

What can I do

when I am sexually interest in children considerably younger than myself?

Seeking help

to support change