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Self-help program

Chat to a specialist

Do you want help to complete the ReDirection Self-Help Program? Receive personal guidance and motivation from a trained specialist through the new confidential chat service for users of the ReDirection Self-Help Program. Learn more about the chat here.

We are piloting the RDChat, a new one-to-one confidential chat service for users of the ReDirection Self-Help Program to receive guidance and motivation from trained specialists.


What is the RDChat?

The RDChat is a confidential chat service where you can securely message specialists with any questions or concerns about the content and tasks of the ReDirection Self-Help Program, or if you lack motivation to complete the Program. Our specialists will guide you to continue on your path to behavioural change and motivate you to complete the ReDirection Self-Help Program.

The RDChat is not a therapy or counselling service.

Who is the RDChat for?

The RDChat is for users of the ReDirection Self-Help Program who require further guidance and motivation to complete the program. The RDChat is for adults over the age of 18.

How do I use the RDChat?

To start chatting with specialists

  1. Download the application ‘Session’ on your device (mobile or desktop)
  2. Set up your account with a username and password
    To protect your confidentiality, we recommend that you do not use a username that contains your name or any other personal information, and do not use a pseudonym that you use elsewhere on the internet and that could be used to identify you.
  3. Send a message via Session, to us at RDChat
    - On Android or iOS, tap the green plus button at the bottom of the main Messages screen, then tap the chat bubble icon that appears above the plus button. Paste or type our Session ID into the Session ID field, or scan the QR code below, tap Next, then send us a message.
    - On desktop platforms, click New Session on the main Messages screen, paste or type our Session ID into the Session ID field, click Next, then send us a message.
    RDChat Session ID: 0511b28d7788c1b282a6f7e9778b6b4bc8035b8815b6a408cbc0951a6bb6c34526

When is the RDChat open?

You can send a message to the RDChat at any time. Specialists will reply only during the opening hours.

Monday 9:00-14:00 UTC

Wednesday 6:00-14:00 UTC

Friday 6:00-14:00 UTC

The RDChat is closed on public holidays.

Specialists will try to respond to your message as soon as possible during the opening hours, but in case of a high volume of messages, response times may be delayed.

Is the RDChat confidential?

Yes. The RDChat is entirely anonymous and confidential. The RDChat is available on Session, an end-to-end encrypted messenger application that does not collect any geolocation data, metadata, or any other data about the device or network you are using. Only you and our trained specialists can read the messages you send. You do not need a phone number or an email to create an account in Session.

For more information:

Can I report someone to the RDChat?

No, you cannot report anything to the RDChat. We are not a reporting agency.

To report a person, offence, website or illegal image, please contact one of the following:

  • IWF: to report online child sexual abuse images & videos 
  • NCMEC CyberTipline: to report online sexual exploitation of children
  • INHOPE hotline: to report child sexual abuse material
  • Local law enforcement

Rules for the RDChat

We ask that you follow the rules of the RDChat. You will be blocked from using the RDChat if you send messages containing:

  • any media content (images, gifs, videos, audio) or links
  • personal or identifiable information
  • spam messages
  • offensive or abusive messages

If you share any information that makes us believe a child is in imminent danger, we are legally obligated to report this to law enforcement.

What data do we collect? How will this data be used?

We do not collect any personal or identifiable data from the RDChat.

Session doesn’t store any identifying information about your device, such as your IP address or your user agent. You don't need a phone number, e-mail, or any information tied to your real identity to make a Session account.

We may collect aggregate information, e.g., the number of RDChat interactions, the number of users of the RDChat. This information will be used for research, evaluation, and statistical reporting.

For research and evaluation purposes, we download all correspondence. All data will be deleted after the research and evaluation has been completed, latest on 31 December 2024.

By sending a message to the RDChat, you confirm that you are over the age of 18 and you consent to having your data collected as laid out above.