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Internet Therapies are effective mental health treatments and include therapist support. Your can start within a week from your referral. Internet Therapies are produced by public healthcare and are free of charge. Currently, treatment is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

What are Internet Therapies?

Internet therapy is a mental health treatment carried out from your own computer or smart device. The therapy targets a specific difficulty - such as depression, insomnia, or an anxiety disorder. Your independent progress is supported by a trained internet therapist.

You will work on your therapy weekly for about 2–4 months. You will reflect on your difficulties, thinking and behavior patterns, and learn new ways of acting through informational content, videos, and exercises. When properly targeted, internet therapies have achieved results as good as those from face-to-face psychotherapy.

At the moment, Internet Therapies are only available in Finnish and Swedish.

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How can I get into Internet Therapy?

Seek help at, for example, your health center, occupational health, or student health services. Any doctor in Finland can make a referral to internet therapy. Please note, that treatment is currently only available in Finnish and Swedish.