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Privacy collects personal data from certain users. This page explains how we use your personal data.

Members of the public does not collect, store or process any personal data of visitors to the public area of the site.

Virtual assistant Milli collects information on any discussions with the chatbot. You can find more about data collection, storage and processing in the following document.


The site collects certain personal data about professionals who log into MentalHub for professionals (HAG user ID, region and professional title) and stores the information in a personal data file.

The data are used to identify users and

  • to design and build services for professionals, track the number of users and improve the content, as well as
  • for scientific research purposes.

HUS always observes the applicable laws and regulations and follows good data protection practices when processing users’ personal data.

The latest data protection laws and regulations give data subjects the right to access their personal data file and to ask us to correct any mistakes, add missing information and erase their file.

The site administrator is committed to maintaining a high level of information security and to having in place technical safeguards that prevent unauthorized access to its information systems. Any personally identifiable information is always transmitted using strong encryption.

Data protection in the context of HUS HAG

Professional users log into MentalHub for professionals via the HUS HAG user authentication service, which collects certain personal data about users. Information about the data protection policy associated with HUS HAG and the processing of personal data in the context of the service can be found via the link below: