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Adding enjoyment to your everyday life

Are you doing enough things that give you pleasure? Life involves constantly balancing things that are stressful and things that provide strength. If you don’t focus on this, the balance may tip towards the stressful things without you noticing.

People have significant differences in their ability to tolerate stress, and it’s good to learn how to recognise your own limits. If you notice yourself spending an unreasonable amount of time on things that consume your time and resources, you should examine your everyday life and concentrate on balancing your time use.

A lack of time for recovery and relaxation can lead to

  • low mood, irritation and fatigue
  • memory problems and decreased concentration
  • excessive worrying or anxiety
  • less initiative
  • a lack of interest in things that you previously found enjoyable.

What makes you happy?

What each person enjoys is very individual. It’s very important to know what things make you happy. For example, they can be

  • Reading good books
  • Watching films
  • Participating in volunteer activities
  • Spending time with friends.

Also think about whether the things you choose increase your well-being in the long term. Being tired can make you susceptible to harmful and hasty solutions. For example, comfort food, alcohol, gambling or surfing the internet can provide short-term relief, but may be harmful in the long run.

Finding enjoyable things is often easier in a satisfied state of mind.

Listen to other people's experiences

In the video (2:45), people who have experienced anxiety tell us which things and activities they enjoy and get strength from.

A tip is also to plan the meaningful activities in advance, so that they are more likely to be realized.

Exercise: Pleasant Activities – what do you enjoy?


You will learn to recognise things that add enjoyment to your everyday life.


Make a list of all the things that you usually find enjoyable and pleasant. Put the list in a prominent place, such as the door of the refrigerator.

When you make the list, remember all the things that have given you satisfaction in the past. Some of the things on the list may not bring you enjoyment in your present life. Try to think about the smallest things and list as many as possible.

Pleasant Activities

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You can influence your own well-being with very simple everyday things.

Everyday life should include things that bring enjoyment, it helps to cope with life's obligations.