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Self-help program


Welcome to the Self-Help Program for Anxiety

This self-help program provides help with anxiety. Do you have a tendency to worry too much? Do you worry a lot about the future? Do you experience vague feelings of anxiety or restlessness most of the time?

If you want to improve your ability to cope with anxiety, the Self-Help Program for Anxiety may be the right choice for you. The best time to start the program is when your anxiety is not too overwhelming.

Is this self-help program something for me?

The Self-Help Program for Anxiety is suitable for everyone who experiences generalised anxiety. This refers to long-term anxiety and worry that varies from subject to subject, or even generalised distress.

This self-help program is for mild to moderate symptoms.

You can use the Self-Help Program for Anxiety

  • regardless of whether you have a diagnosis or not
  • independently, or alongside other treatments
  • in small, progressive steps or by choosing only the parts that suit you best
  • by returning to content that interests you at any time
  • regardless of age
  • for free
  • completely anonymously - you don't have to enter your personal information anywhere.

Our goal is that information and help is available to everyone quickly, accessible and with a low threshold.

What is the self-help program about?

  • based on proven and researched methods
  • consists of three parts
  • and includes information and exercises that make everyday life easier, as well as help you to manage your symptoms    


If you feel that your symptoms are serious, don't hesitate to seek help!

The program consists of the following sections

1. What’s it all about?

The first section will give you information about the topic.
You’ll learn to identify symptoms and the factors that cause and maintain them.

2. Tools

In the second section, you’ll start moving towards change.
You’ll challenge your thoughts and operating models. Practising will help you learn new ways of dealing with situations.

3. Tips for the future

In the last section, you will turn your mind towards the future.
You’ll receive more information about how everyday management and a balanced life affect mental health. You’ll learn to maintain the results you have achieved.