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Self-help program


In this section, you’ll learn different methods for managing your anxiety.

Excessive anxiety is often persistent and narrows our way of thinking. As a result, we may get stuck on using ineffective methods to control our anxiety.

Methods of moving towards change

The good news is that you can learn to manage your own anxiety better. You have the keys to success, because you are already the best expert for your own mind and how it works.

In this section you’ll learn methods that make it possible to better manage excessive anxiety. You may already be familiar with some of them, while others might be new.

Hopefully, you’ll find suitable methods that you can use in your everyday life from now on. It’s a good first sign that you’re reading this text. This means that you’ve already stopped to think about your situation, and you want to make a change.

Exercises are the most important part of the self-help program

Exercises are the core of the program. Through them, you can map and think about solutions for your own situation.

In addition to information, it is important to also do exercises. By doing the exercises, you change from a reader to an active agent and move towards improving your own situation.

How are the exercises done?

Some exercises take more time than others. However, the important thing is that you continue with the exercises, even if it seems challenging. For some of the exercises it requires to do them several times, so that the changes you make are more lasting.

Write down the exercises that you feel are particularly good and come back to them in the long term.

In the following video (1:21) you get tips regarding the exercises in the self-help program. You will hear why it pays off to practice regularly.

Make time for change

The motivation to change varies. At times, it may feel like you have the energy to try while at other times you don’t. Remember that this variation is normal.

However, you should still make a deal with yourself: try the instructions in this self-help program first and then evaluate their usefulness. 

This section will give you tools to restore your ability to functional in everyday life and to renew your way of thinking. Do the exercises according to which ones seem necessary for yourself. Remember to pay attention to your own abilities.