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Self-help program


In this section, you will learn various ways to manage sexual interest in children.

Thinking about children and perceiving them in a sexual way is something that is important for you to stop and consider.

Below, you will find various exercises that you can use to learn

  • how your mental images affect your thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • to regulate and control sexual images and thoughts directed at children and the impulses to act that they can give rise to
  • to strengthen self-regulatory measures that support responsible behaviour and lifestyle
  • to identify the kind of things and situations that make you think sexual thoughts about children
  • to understand which kind of mental images increase the desire to act
  • awareness of the images, thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and behaviours that sexual interest in children gives rise to in you

The exercises can also help you find out how disturbing or compulsive you feel about your sexual images of children.

Exercises are the most important part of the self-help program

Exercises are at the core of the program. They allow you to review and consider solutions to your situation. 

It is important that, in addition to reading the information, you also do the exercises. Doing the exercises will turn you from a reader into an active participant. This way you take steps to improve your situation.  

How are the exercises done? 

Some exercises take more time than others. However, it is important that you continue with the exercises, even when it feels challenging. 

Your motivation for making changes will vary. Your strength for making changes can also vary. Please remember that this is natural. 

Nonetheless, you should make a deal with yourself: try this self-help program, and only later evaluate its usefulness. 

It is important to repeat some exercises many enough times in order to make the changes more permanent. You should remember exercises that you find particularly useful and return to them over a longer period. 

In the following video (1:21) you get tips regarding the exercises in the self-help program. You will hear why it pays off to practice regularly.