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Self-help program


The self-help program for sexual interest in children is coming to a close. At this point, you can thank and applaud yourself for completing the program and for the results you have achieved. Thank you for reading and continuing practising this far!

The road ahead

Hopefully this program provided you useful tools and exercises and that you are able to handle your thoughts, emotions and actions and get them under control.

Practice makes perfect

As with learning all new skills, continuous practice is important for mental wellbeing skills. When you first practise using the tools provided in this self-help program in easy situations, they will gradually help you in more difficult situations when emotions take over.

Practicing this can be compared to learning to swim

You must first learn swimming technique in shallow water, and reinforce the skill of swimming under safe conditions. Once your skills are good enough, you can also swim in more challenging conditions, such as deeper water or in windy weather.

Practising can feel exhausting, especially in the early stages. That is why it is important that you reward yourself in some appropriate way after practising the use of a particular tool for a week, for example.

Consider what could be an appropriate reward for you. Examples of rewards include listening to your favourite music, reading a book, having a relaxing evening, or calling a friend. It is important to find an approach that is right for you.