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Self-help program

5. Finding new approaches

Next, we will look at what your child-sexualising actions could be about and how you could act differently.

In order to act differently in the future, you must recognise in yourself the things that make you act in ways that sexualises children. You will also consider what kind of opportunities and obstacles you perceive for changing the way you act.

Exercise: Observations about my actions that sexualise children


You will observe what your own actions are about and find ways to act differently.


Read the below questions. Think about the answers in your mind or write them down in the boxes below.

1. What kinds of situations, things, or emotions most often lead to you acting in a way that sexualises children?

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2. What observations can you make about what thoughts you most often use to give yourself permission to act in a way that sexualises children? 

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3. What observations can you make about the positive things that you get from acting in ways that sexualises children?

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4. Have you ever been worried about your actions?

How worried have you been?
0 = not at all worried
10 = very worried

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5. What makes you worried about your own actions? 

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6. Why are you not worried about your own actions?

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7. Have you ever tried to stop your own actions that sexualise children?

List three reasons for stopping.

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8. If you have tried to stop, how successful do you feel you have been? Which factors contributed to your success or failure?

0 = I failed completely
10 = I succeeded very well

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9. If you have not tried to stop your actions that sexualise children, list three reasons. 

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10. What would it take for you to stop acting in ways that sexualise children?

  • What kind of challenges and opportunities are there related to stopping?
  • What kind of help and support do you feel you need?
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