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Self-help program

Where to from here?

You have now completed the self-help program for sexual interest in children. Great!

In the following video (1:20), you will get tips on how to take care of your mental well-being after you have completed the self-help program.

We hope you found useful information, new ideas and tools to manage your sexual interest in children. You should continue to do the exercises that felt appropriate also in the future. Continue to pay attention to how you manage your daily life and try to take care of yourself as well as possible.

Allow yourself to have days of rest and plan ahead. Also plan periods for exercise and meaningful activities in your weekly calendar.


If your thoughts or need for action continue to intensify or if you feel that they are hindering your ability to function and decreasing your quality of life, do not hesitate to seek help!

Where to get help?

What should I do if the self-help program was not enough?

If your sexual interest in children continues to increase or you feel that it is detrimental to your ability to function and decreases your quality of life, do not hesitate to seek help. If you already have a treatment contact, tell them about your feelings.

If you do not have a treatment contact, you should contact primary health care, such as a health centre, occupational health care service or a private medical centre. Further information on how to seek help can be found in the section on mental health services (page in Finnish).

Psychotherapy and other conversational therapies

Psychotherapy and other conversation therapies deal with difficult issues mainly through conversation. If necessary, exercises can be used to identify and change behaviours that produce symptoms.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy has been found to work in treating people who are sexually attracted to children. The aim is to increase internal control and responsible behaviour, correct possible distortions of thought and to take responsibility for possible sexual acts towards children.

Treatment focuses on dealing with recurring worries, fears and feelings of insecurity. Attention is paid to sexual thoughts, emotions and activities related to children.

The treatment increases and strengthens control over behaviour and related emotions. Even a single avoided temptation and the adoption of a new and more responsible approach is a step towards a better life.

Seeking help

Sexual interest in children and the shame and self-blame that can accompany it will often undermine both mental health and quality of life. It will often also narrow down social life, weaken relationships and reduce opportunities for expressing sexuality.

Expert help is available

According to current research, sexual interest in children is a fairly persistent trait that is often perceived as involuntary. It is often accompanied by feeling that there is no way out.

Many people hide their sexual interest in children in daily life and do not seek help and support. However, help and support are available. You can also seek help anonymously at first.

If you are concerned about your own sexual interest in children, feel free to seek additional support and help. An open and honest conversation with someone who is familiar with the problem can help you manage harmful sexual thoughts and support you in managing your own behaviour.

Where can I find help for this?

There are units in Finland that have special expertise to help people with sexual interest in children. For more information, advice and help, you can turn to:

  • A Välitä unit. The units offer confidential discussion assistance to clarify your situation and find possible further support. The service is free of charge and can also be contacted anonymously.
  • The SERITA project. SERITA maintains a hotline and provides assistance in setting and maintaining sexual boundaries. The service can also be contacted anonymously.
  • The SeriE project. The SeriE project offers a free-of-charge low-threshold support service for people who are concerned about their own child-oriented fantasies and preferences.
  • From SEXPO. The SEXPO Foundation offers in-person counselling as well as online and telephone counselling. All advisory services can be contacted anonymously and confidentially.

Thank you!

All the best for your future work with this issue and may feel happiness in your life!

Did this self-help program help you?

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