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Self-help program

Take care of yourself and do the right thing

Many people struggle with various harmful sexual thoughts and fantasies. Sexual interest in children is often a serious problem that can be difficult to cope with alone.

Please note

If you feel that this self-help program did not provide you enough support or if you suspect that you are unable to control your own behaviour, seek help. Do not commit a crime and do not harm a child.


Take care of yourself

If you are sexually attracted to children, it is important that you seek support and help to manage your behaviour.

Being left alone with the problem can cause feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, which will often be reflected on your mood and impair mental health. It is important to take care of yourself.

Seek information

The more you know about your sexual interest in children, the better you will understand your emotions, thoughts and experiences. Knowledge and understanding will steer you towards managing harmful sexual thoughts and behaviours.


Do not remain alone in thinking about your sexual interest in children, but feel free to contact parties that can help. Professionals working in services are familiar with this problem. They are ready to help and support you.

These services can also be contacted anonymously. For example, in Finland the experiences of the New Direction program have been good.

Thoughts, emotions and behaviour

Everyone can control or learn to control their own actions and behaviours. It is important to separate sexual thoughts and impulses from the actual actions. You can influence your own actions and behaviour.

Carrying out sexual thoughts and desires towards children is a serious crime. Do not commit a crime, but rather seek help.


Strong sexual impulses will pass. Everyone can learn to control and manage their thoughts and the emotions related to them. That they can act responsibly in different situations.