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Self-help program

1. Identify triggering factors

Next, you will examine your own mental images and sexual thoughts towards children, as well as your emotions and bodily sensations related to them.

The exercise also focuses on situations and events that make you think about children sexually. Such situations are called triggering factors.

Identifying triggering factors is important. This will help you better understand what sexual interest in children is about for you.


The next exercise only focuses on mental images and sexual thoughts related to children. Your thoughts can be internal speech or images in your mind.

Sexual acts involving children, such as viewing children's pictures online, will be discussed later.

Exercise: How did my sexual interest in children begin?


You will understand when your sexual interest in children started or when you have first recognised it.


Consider the questions below in your mind, or type the answers in the boxes below. You can also draw the figure below on paper and write your answer in it.

1. Think back to the first time you noticed that you were sexually attracted to children.

How old were you? What situation were you in? Who else was there?

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