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Self-help program

10. Introspection

Introspection is a skill with an infinite learning curve. Unpleasant thoughts and emotions generally become less controlling as proficiency increases.

Many of the exercises featured in this self-help program are based on introspection. You have already learned how to analyze your thoughts and feelings.

How can practising help?

Introspection helps to alleviate insomnia through thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.




Physical sensations

The following exercise focuses on identifying cognitive distortions, reframing distorted thoughts and recognizing emotional responses. The aim is to find links between them.

Exercise: Introspection


Maximize the benefits of your sleep diary. You will also learn to better structure your thoughts and feelings.


Think of a recent situation that you found stressful. Analyze it by answering the questions below.

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Now try to reframe your negative thought

and see if it changes how you feel.

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Sleep diary and introspection

You are now familiar with the concept of a sleep diary as well as several other introspection techniques. As you become more proficient, you can develop your own way of monitoring your sleep and the factors that affect it.


Have you already gotten some good insights thanks to keeping a sleep diary or some other introspection technique?