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Self-help program

Coming off the self-help program

Many people with insomnia are keen to know when things will get better. It is good to keep in mind that having made the decision to change, doing the exercises and making sleep-friendly choices are already significant achievements in themselves.

The more your practice, the more regular and satisfying your sleep pattern will become. Eventually you will be able to sleep without the exercises. But there is no reason why you should not keep them in your routine in the long term. The longer you do the exercises, the easier they will become.

Satisfying sleep is good enough

It is important that you keep your sleep goals realistic. Many have the impression that a good sleeper falls asleep as soon as they get into bed and sleeps solidly through the night. Very few people sleep like that in reality.

Your sleep pattern may never become what you imagine it should be, and that is something that you just have to accept. It is nevertheless perfectly possible, and even highly likely, to achieve healthy, satisfying sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed.

Change takes time

You are currently at the point in your journey where you are making changes to your sleep pattern and should not get discouraged if your sleep quality is still lacking. This is part of the process. Changing old habits and behaviors takes time.


When you hit a rough patch, you may tell yourself that the exercises are not working.

The results will come; you just have to be patient. It is important not to lose faith in the process and your own ability to change.