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What are the health risks associated with insomnia?

Good-quality sleep is important, which is why people with insomnia often worry about the effects of broken sleep on their health.

Too much significance is often attached to the risks. When you are struggling with insomnia, it is easy to overthink the effect of a single sleepless night on your performance and health.

Worrying about insomnia and its effects on your health can actually be more harmful than the lack of sleep itself.

Harmful effects of insomnia

Sleep deprivation causes cognitive impairment, affecting your memory, learning and attention. Chronic insomnia can lead to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

Insomnia also weakens the immune system and lowers mood. Moreover, extreme tiredness increases the risk of accidents and injury.

Ways to alleviate the harmful effects of insomnia

  • Remember that worrying about insomnia can actually be more damaging to your health than sleeplessness itself.
  • Incorporate the exercises featured in this program into your daily routine.
  • Pay attention to your lifestyle, such as your work–life balance and your diet.
  • Have faith in the ability of sleep to correct itself. Sleep cycles that follow poorly slept nights naturally include more restorative deep sleep.