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Self-help program

Welcome to the Self-Help Program for Insomnia!

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up in the night and then struggle to get back to sleep? Do you feel restless when you go to bed? Are you worried about not sleeping? Are you looking to better understand insomnia and learn how to improve your sleep?

What is a self-help program?

Is this self-help program for me?

The Self-Help Program for Insomnia could benefit you if

  • you have problems with sleeping, such as difficulties with falling asleep or staying asleep
  • you want to learn new thinking patterns and behaviors that can lead to better sleep

This self-help program includes exercises through which you will gain new perspectives on sleep and improve your sleep. 

You can use this self-help program 

  • 24/7
  • free of charge
  • at any age
  • completely anonymously – you do not have to enter your personal information anywhere 
  • on your own independently or in conjunction with other treatments
  • by going through the entire program or by only doing the parts that feel relevant to your circumstances

Our goal is to make information and help available to everyone, quickly and easily.

Sections in the program


The first section gives you information about the topic.

The section will cover, among other things

  • What are sleep and insomnia?
  • What are the conditions for good sleep?
  • What are the health risks associated with insomnia?
  • What factors cause insomnia?

In this section, you also set the goal you want to achieve through self-help.


This section contains exercises to help you find solutions to insomnia from different angles.

Exercises are the core of the program. They allow you to identify and think about solutions to your situation.

The exercises in the section can help with insomnia

  • through thoughts
  • through feelings and body sensations
  • through action

The different exercises can be done daily as part of your daily routine or when you are most affected by insomnia.


The last section is about turning your thoughts to the future.

You will be given more information about how healthy routines and a balanced lifestyle affect mental health. You will learn to maintain the changes that you have made.

You will also find links to useful services and other content on that may be of interest to you.

In the video (1:34) you will hear more about the structure of the self-help program. You will also receive information about how the exercises and background information related to your symptoms can make you feel better.

What is a self-help program? 

This self-help program 

  • is based on tried and tested therapies that have proven effective in practice 
  • consists of three sections 
  • includes information and exercises that help to make your day easier and manage your symptoms  

This self-help program is also a tool for professionals 

It can be used as a whole or in parts in group or individual therapy. 

Support and direction from a professional can be useful in performing the exercises. The entire program can be completed over one, two or three sessions. This provides an opportunity for discussing thoughts that the exercises may provoke and for identifying the most beneficial exercises.  

Please note

If you are experiencing severe symptoms, do not hesitate to seek additional help!

Checklist for getting started

Anywhere, any time

You can access the self-help program 24/7, wherever you are and whenever it is convenient to you. You can listen to the exercises on your smartphone while jogging or while having a coffee break.

Practice makes perfect

Learning new techniques takes time. If you start by practicing the tools in easy, low-pressure situations, they will gradually help you to cope in more difficult situations that may be emotionally overwhelming. 

We protect your privacy by not storing your answers to surveys and exercises. If you want a record for yourself, copy and paste your answers into a separate file.  

You have the power to change! 

You are almost ready to start the program. Well done for making the decision to change and do something for yourself. Self-help programs are designed to take you on a journey towards the life you want. 

It is normal for the exercises to feel overwhelming at times. Persisting is part of the process of making permanent changes. Be compassionate towards yourself. Break down the program into manageable pieces and take breaks in between in order to stay motivated.