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6. Observe the impact of your actions on your life

Usually, people will have some idea of how they spend their time. A balanced and good life is usually based on a functional daily life that includes an appropriate amount of activity and rest.

Sexual interest in children and related actions may have an impact on several aspects of life. It can affect factors such as the choice of company, leisure time, the experience of one's own sexuality, and how satisfied and happy one feels.

In the following exercise, we will review all the ways in which you and in your life have been affected by child-sexualising actions.

Exercise: The effects of child sexualisation on my life


Understand the impact that child-sexualising actions have on your life.


Using the below image, reflect on the different areas of your life. How has your interest and activity affected your life and you?

Either think of an answer to each point or write the answers in the boxes below.

  • In addition, assess the effect on a scale from 0 to 100 (0 = no impact, 100 = impact has been very significant). You can reflect on factors such as what you have or have not been able to do because of your actions.
  • Also assess if the impact has been positive or negative. Justify your assessment.
  • Assess if your interest and activity increase or decrease your own wellbeing in the areas of life in question.
  • Consider how you would like things to be in these areas of your life. What would it take for your goals and aspirations to come true?
All the things my interests and related activities have an impact on

What are all the things that my sexual interest in children and my actions have an impact on?

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