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Self-help program

What is CSAM?

CSAM refers to Child Sexual Abuse Material, sometimes known as ‘child pornography’.

What does CSAM include?

CSAM includes images, videos, live-streaming, and any other material that depicts sexual violence against a child. CSAM can include material that shows a child in a sexually suggestive or explicit manner partially clothed, or nude, and can include material that does or does not illustrate sexual activity (see COPINE scale next)

What is sexual abuse and child pornography?

The use of children in the production of sexualized material is sexual abuse and exploitation (ECPAT International.pdf).

This program does not use the term ‘child pornography’, as this does not accurately reflect what is being portrayed in the material, which is the sexual abuse or exploitation of children under the age of consent.

Why is it difficult to stop?

It can be difficult to stop viewing CSAM, because viewing explicit material affects you in in multiple ways. Whilst watching CSAM, you may for example experience sexual arousal which rushes dopamine to your brain, making you feel good. This feeling can be addictive, making it very difficult to change your behavior.

Help us to help you survey 2021

Approximately 50% of the respondents stated that they have experienced problems due to their use of CSAM, including mental health issues, difficulties with substance abuse, as well as difficulties in close relationships.

Moreover, nearly 60% of respondents have experienced desires to withdraw socially.


The goal of this program is to help you identify and overcome the obstacles that have prevented you from stopping using CSAM and help you to make long-lasting change to stop using CSAM.

Making a change for the better starts with understanding why your behavior is so harmful to yourself, those close to you, and to the children depicted in the CSAM.