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Self-help program


Various underlying factors and motivations form a path towards your use of CSAM, by triggering thoughts and emotions that lead you to harmful behavior. In the exercises, you will be asked to reflect on your own life and values, as well as other perspectives on the use of CSAM.

Motivation to Change -survey

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What will the program teach me?

The ReDirection self-help program will help you to understand the factors that impact your use of CSAM and how your thoughts, attitudes and feelings are connected to your use of CSAM.

Recognizing your pathway towards watching

By understanding how your thoughts, feelings, and behavior connect with your use of CSAM, and by recognizing your pathway towards watching CSAM, you can step further away from this path.

Learn to step away from this path

With the help of the ReDirection self-help program, it is possible to step away from this path and make long-term sustainable behavioral change.

This program will teach you new skills to control your own thoughts and emotions to stop yourself from using CSAM, by choosing how you react to the different factors that push you towards using CSAM.

Understand why you are searching for and using

We have a natural tendency to justify everything we do. However, learning to recognize and challenge our own thoughts will help us gain a new perspectiv​e of our life and actions.

These exercises of the ReDirection program will give you a better understanding of why you are searching for and using CSAM.


understand + recognise = a step further away from this path

Due to the addictive physical effects that viewing CSAM has on your body and brain, it can be extremely difficult to change your behavior to stop using CSAM. Nonetheless, behavioral change is possible – you can learn to take control over your own behavior and change your actions for the better.


Personal goals

The first step in setting personal goals is to consider what you want to achieve. Take a look at the questions below and think about what you want to accomplish.

  • How will my life improve if I stop using CSAM?
  • What makes me keep using CSAM?
  • What are my concerns about my use of CSAM?
  • What are the reasons why I want to stop using CSAM?
  • What would it take for me to stop using CSAM?
  • What would my life be like without using CSAM?​

Help us to help you survey 2021

Approximately 70% of CSAM users (N= 2 351) said that they were under 18 years old when they had first seen CSAM, and approximately 40% were under 13.

Approximately 50% said they first saw CSAM by accident, whereas approximately 20% first found it by actively searching for hard core pornography or CSAM.


The ReDirection self-help program will help you to set meaningful goals for you to adopt a CSAM-free lifestyle and improve the quality of your life.