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Self-help program

6.3 Learning from my relapse

What did I learn from my relapse?

And how can I act differently to avoid it in the future?

If you find yourself returning to use CSAM, it is important to recognize the relapse and stop for a moment. Look back and see in what situation the relapse occurred.

  1. Has there been a significant change in your life situation?
  2. How were you feeling/how was your mood before you relapsed?
  3. What kinds of thoughts did you have?
  4. What kinds of physical sensations did you notice in yourself?
  5. Were there any significant events in your personal relationships before​ the relapse?
  6. What external and internal factors triggered you into using CSAM?
  7. Try to form yourself an understanding of the path that took you to returning to the behavior (CSAM use).


Once you have completed this exercise you can congratulate yourself. You have learned something new.

What you do with what you have learned is important. Use it to develop your self-regulation skills: what signs in your mood signal that the risk is arising? What kinds of events make you more likely to relapse?



Once you have dealt with the relapse, it is important that you return to making a change and do not remain frustrated by it.