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Self-help program

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If you are still concerned about your ability to control your behavior after completing this program, you may find medication helpful. There are medications available that can lower your libido and relieve your compulsive thoughts, which may help to reduce your urge to use CSAM. Such medication can also serve as significant help for psychological distress. Appropriate medical treatment can also relieve your psychological energy, which in turn makes it easier to maintain and uphold behavioral change. Medication does not have a permanent impact on one’s libido or sexual thoughts, but they return after discontinuing medication.

If you think that medication could be helpful for you, please consult a medical practitioner.

Help us to help you survey 2021

 60 % (N=1596) of the users of CSAM had never told anyone about their use of CSAM.


Using CSAM is often accompanied by strong negative thoughts and feelings which can be hard to deal with alone. In these cases, therapy can be a very helpful and important tool. Cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy have proven to be effective treatments for people who have problems with the use of CSAM. However, it can be very difficult to talk to people, even healthcare professionals, about topics such as the use of CSAM due to the intense stigma. Fortunately, there exists anonymous therapy online, which offers the benefits of therapy with the safety of anonymity.

In therapy you will, together with your therapist, analyze your use of CSAM and find ways for better life. Therapy will strengthen your skills to control your thoughts and behavior. With your therapist you will learn how certain thoughts can lead to certain feelings which in turn can lead to certain behavioral responses and vice versa. Therapy strengthens your responsible behavior and helps you to achieve healthier and safer life through cognitive, behavioral, and emotional change.

Anonymous online therapy

Prevent It is a free of charge online therapy for decreasing usage of CSAM. The treatment is 8 weeks long with individual therapist support. It is anonymous with an option to use Tor. You are welcome to participate in the trial in which we evaluate.

Other ways to support change

If your sexual interest is focused on underaged children, you may feel a strong sense of being an outsider. You might find it difficult to find people with whom you can discuss the things that are weighing on your mind. Furthermore, you may also want to find individuals who share your attraction to children but have found moral ways to live their life without causing harm to themselves or others. However, be careful when seeking out individuals living morally, as you may also meet others with similar sexual interest who may influence you negatively.

You do not need to be alone. To find more information on online support groups and organizations that may be helpful for you, you can visit:

Anonymous support from Bridge study

Are you concerned about your use of illegal footage? Recruitment open for new anonymous support available on Tor browser. Let us help you. 

Are you at least 18 years old, speak and write English, Swedish, German, Finnish, Spanish, Slovak or Czech, and are you concerned about your sexual urges and behaviours towards children, both online and offline? 

You can live anywhere in the world - this project is global, anonymous and free of charge.

If you are interested in participating - click on the link to get more information about the study:

Help us to help you survey 2021

30% of CSAM users (N= 1 787) said that they would like to stop searching for and using CSAM/illegal violent material nearly every time they view it.