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Self-help program

5.3 How I make my use possible

In the previous task you looked at how you justify your use of CSAM to yourself, before, during, and after using the material. In this task you will look at all the practical things that you do to make CSAM use possible.

The aim of the task is to help you recognize the behavior that allows you to use CSAM. The better you recognize the warning signs taking you closer to using CSAM, the earlier you can stop going towards CSAM and ReDirect your behavior. This enhances your ability to make conscious decisions and control your behavior. For situations in which you are already taking concrete steps towards watching CSAM, it is good to come up with a path to take another direction.

Look at the figure below: How does the use of CSAM take place? How do I remove external obstacles?


My behavior with which I make my CSAM use possible

A) Think back to situations in which you have decided to use CSAM

Write down the actions that you did to make it possible to use CSAM.

For example

  • “I made sure I was alone and no one could see me watching CSAM”
  • “I searched for images with search terms that I knew would lead to a site I wanted”
  • “I keep the TOR browser installed on my device”

B) Think of alternative ways to act in these situations

What could you do differently to interrupt the path toward using CSAM. What could you say to yourself that would make you stop the behavior? ​


These following quotes are from respondents to our Help Us to Help You – Questionnaire:

“At home and when I am alone.”

“Somewhere private by myself.”

“When I am under the influence of drugs.”

In our survey we found that nearly 30% of the users of CSAM stated that they often drink or use drugs before they search for and use CSAM.