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Self-help program


Here you can find a checklist which aims to help you recognize your progress and maintain your new direction even in difficult times.


Recognize your progress on your new path

  • Recognize the ways in which you have progressed. Compare your current situation to the one you started from.
  • Recognize what skills and methods have helped you on your journey.
  • It is important to practice continuously. Repetition strengthens change.

Try to implement what you have learned also to the other problem areas of your life

  • Remember that thoughts are just thoughts and you can change your approach to them.
  • Set goals for yourself so that you can recognize thoughts and decisions that are relevant for the desired end goal.
  • When difficult feelings arise, it is important that you stick to the goal you have set.

Recognize and challenge unrealistic expectations when they arise

  • Recognize unrealistic expectations (e.g., “I will never feel the urge to watch CSAM ever again”).
  • Progress includes continuous movement, and sometimes that movement is backwards especially in times of stress or sudden moments of adversity.

Moving backwards/relapse is not a catastrophe

  • Practice seeing a step back as an opportunity to hone your skills and practice the things you have learned so far: “This kind of a situation is surprisingly difficult for me. How could I manage it better in the future?”