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Self-help program

Why should I stop using CSAM?

The use of CSAM is harmful. It is harmful for you as the user, and it is especially harmful for the child victims of the sexual violence depicted in the materials you watch.

Are there consequences for the children?

It is necessary to understand that children are re-victimized every time material is shared, which sustains the abuse in a continuous cycle. The images are not just images – there is real harm to real children in viewing, using, and re-using the images. Understanding the consequences of your actions will motivate you to take concrete steps to change your behavior.

What about sexual preferences?

All individuals experience sexuality in different ways and sexual preferences may be directed towards different subjects. We may be sexually attracted to people of different genders and ages.

Individuals have the right to express their sexuality freely, so long as in doing so they do not violate the law or the rights of others. Having sexual preferences and acting upon them are two entirely separate things. 

Children are vulnerable and need care and protection

All sexual acts related to children, including any use of CSAM, are never within the boundaries of free sexual expression, and as such are never justified. This is because children are vulnerable and need special care and protection, and they are unable to legally consent to any sexual acts.


Having sexual preferences and acting upon them are two entirely separate things.

This ReDirection self-help program aims to explain that whilst it may be very difficult to change your sexual preferences, you are able to control and change your behavior and stop using CSAM.

In fact, it is possible to feel sexual attraction towards children, and never act on this attraction.

In order to achieve this, you must understand the harmful effects of CSAM-use and learn how you can change your behavior by changing your thoughts and emotions.

Children are victimized

Behind the images, a real child is being abused and exploited behind the camera. Each time the images are shared, the child is revictimized. Children cannot consent and under no circumstances is the child a willing participant in their abuse.

Are there negative consequences for the user?

The use of online violent images or images that sexualize children/CSAM leads to negative consequences for the user, including impaired social and occupational functioning and deep distress. The growing availability of CSAM has raised concerns that early access to the material may have negative effects on people’s attitudes, feelings, thoughts, behavior, and biological processes.

Help us to help you survey 2021

Our research results in the dark web demonstrate that a majority of the users of CSAM (70%) were under the age of 18 when they first saw CSAM. 40% were under 13 years old.