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GLM - Good lives model theory

According to the Good lives model (GLM) theory, individuals are always striving to fulfil the 9 primary needs.

The GLM theory emphasizes that the goal to achieve balance between the nine primary needs is always appropriate. However, the method that individuals choose to achieve their goal is where they may go wrong. Choosing inappropriate methods to achieve your goals can cause harm to yourself and others.

1. Wellbeing

Experience of physical, mental, and sexual wellbeing.

For example, sufficient somatic and psychological health. The ability to express your sexuality in a way that brings pleasure and well-being to yourself and does not harm others.

2. Knowledge

Experience of mastering basic things.

For example, having the necessary knowledge and skills to function as a member of society. Studying can be a way to fulfil the needs related to knowledge.

3. Self-efficacy

Experience of competence, ability and skill through work, leisure activities and relationships.

For example, a feeling of being capable at your job or mastering a hobby.

4. Agency

Opportunities to experience and express a sense of control, healthy self-esteem and experience of the possibility to influence what happens to you.

For example, when you need to make a decision, you have the sensation that it is you who is controlling the situation, you are not a bystander who is unable to play a role in the outcome.

5. Relatedness

Experience of connection and interaction with other people.

For example, family or close friends, with whom you share an important emotional bond and a shared feeling of enjoying each other's company.

6. Inner peace

Experience of peace of mind and mental stability.

For example, the ability to face adversity and overcome it by restoring your internal balance without significant consequences to yourself or others.

7. Spirituality

Experience of meaning and purpose in life and values.

For example, the feeling of knowing what things are important and valuable to you and what you want to achieve in your life. This could be, for instance, religion or other such belief.

8. Happiness

Experience of happiness and satisfaction with oneself and one’s own life.

For example, the feeling that things are good enough taking into consideration the circumstances. A subjective feeling of happiness.

9. Creativity

Experience of the opportunity to express creativity in a natural way.

For example, a sport, singing, playing an instrument, work, chores, doing art.