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Self-help program

Sexual wellbeing

Sexual wellbeing is important for every individual regardless of their sexual orientation and interests.

If your interest is focused on underaged children, achieving sexual wellbeing can be difficult, because acting upon your interests is illegal and harmful to yourself and others. If you are masturbating while searching for and using material depicting children, the connection between sexual gratification and CSAM is strengthened. This, on the other hand, will increase the likelihood of you continuing your behavior and increasing the time you use viewing CSAM. Therefore, strengthening the connection will often lead to more suffering for you and other people.

This task presents an alternative method through which you can express your sexuality in a safe way without hurting others.

Sexual wellbeing and safety

If you feel any sexual attraction to individuals over the age of consent you can try to strengthen that interest.

  1. Find legal material depicting individuals over the age of consent that arouses you even a bit
  2. After this, you can try whether you could masturbate using this material

It is possible that it will not feel as good or as satisfying at first. However, it is important that you keep trying to strengthen the connection between the legal material and the feel-good feelings. This helps you to avoid using CSAM whilst taking care of your sexual well-being.​