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Self-help program


In this section you will explore your personal concerns about viewing and using CSAM. This will help you to determine what changes you want to make in your life and why you want to stop using CSAM.

Motivation to Change -survey

Would you like to share your experience of looking for help? 

Complete this ‘Motivation to Change’ survey and help us to understand the challenges that you face. 

Your motivation will fluctuate

Being motivated to change your behavior and having faith in your ability to change can help you succeed in your rehabilitation. Your motivation will inevitably fluctuate throughout the process, and sometimes it will feel very difficult to continue.

What will I learn?

The program will teach you how to take control of your emotions, thoughts and behavior in order to ‘ReDirect’ you away from using CSAM. Throughout this program you will learn about what leads you to use CSAM, why you should stop using CSAM, and ultimately how you can go about changing your behavior to stop using CSAM in the long term. The exercises will help you reflect on your process and put new skills into practice.

The ReDirection self-help program will improve your resources to adopt healthier behaviors that do not harm yourself or others. This section will help you identify the factors that motivate you to search for and use illegal online material and will help you understand the impact that it has on you. The use of illegal material may lead you to a state that is often considered a behavioral addiction.

Survey & quotes

The quotes used in this ReDirection self-help program are quotes from CSAM users who have answered our Help us to help you ReDirection survey (2021) in the dark web. Some comments have been edited for clarity.

Help us to help you survey 2021

The ReDirection self-help program has been developed by a team of senior specialist psychologists and psychotherapists and is based on cognitive behavioral theory.

The program incorporates the results of the anonymous 'Help us to help you survey 2021' on the users of CSAM. We have gathered data from over 7,200 respondents to learn about the thoughts, emotions and behaviors of individuals who search for and use CSAM.

Significantly, we found that around 50% of respondents said that they had at some point tried to stop their use of CSAM but had been unable to do so.

This program has been created to provide guidance to those who have the motivation to change but need help in making sustainable long-lasting behavioral change.

You can find respondents comments and data in these squares along the program.


We asked CSAM searchers and users about the reasons for their use of CSAM. Here are some answers:

“When watching porn, sometimes it isn't enough and I need something more "taboo", so normal porn isn't enough.”

“I use child porn when regular porn bored me.”

“Drawn porn/hentai/manga might have functioned as a low entry bar to escalate into more serious stuff (like actual photographs).”

“I have been abused in my younger days, and every time I recall what has happened to me, I feel the urge to view this kind of material so I don't feel alone.”

“I use it to examine the cycle of my own sexual abuse. The attempt to reclaim power.”


The ReDirection program will support you throughout the process and help you recover from setbacks and guide you to long-lasting behavioral change.