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Self-help program

2.1 Myself

The way you view yourself may have an impact on your use of CSAM.


Low self-esteem and other negative emotions may lead to certain individuals using CSAM. Using CSAM can also influence your self-esteem and your emotions.


Reflect on these questions about yourself, how you view yourself, and your emotions. Write down your answers.

When you think back to the time before you had started watching CSAM (or you were not yet interested in CSAM), how was your life at that point?

  • What changed when you started watching CSAM/ started having interest in CSAM?
  • How old were you when you first found interest in CSAM?
  • Did you notice any changes in yourself?

How would you describe yourself? What kind of a person are you?

  • How would you describe yourself as a person who uses CSAM?
  • How satisfied are you with yourself?
  • How does your use of CSAM affect your self-esteem?
  • How do you feel about yourself when you are watching CSAM?

What type of emotions make you watch CSAM?

  • How do you feel when you are watching CSAM?
  • How do you express your different emotions?
  • How do you handle these emotions? Do you think you handle your emotions well?
  • Are you using CSAM to regulate your negative emotions?
  • What other ways can you regulate your negative emotions?
  • Are you using CSAM to regulate uncomfortable feelings? E.g. do you use CSAM when you are stressed to make yourself feel better?
  • What other ways can you regulate your uncomfortable feelings?


Approximately 40 % (N= 1 776) of the CSAM users said that they had experienced feelings of guilt about their use of CSAM or other illegal material.

“I am aware of the harm caused by those actions to other families.”

“I tried in every way to free myself from this problem that I carry from my childhood, I realized that the situation only gets worse, I am afraid that everything will come up, once I have to reveal myself about the problem I have in my dark heart.”

“I often hope to get busted by the law but I am also afraid that it will happen.”