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Self-help program


In this section, you will learn about the thought and behavioral patterns that guide your actions and lead you to use CSAM.

Motivation to Change -survey

Would you like to share your experience of looking for help? 

Complete this ‘Motivation to Change’ survey and help us to understand the challenges that you face. 

This will cover your pathway from the triggering factors that start your desire to search for CSAM, to the motives behind your use of CSAM, the needs you aim to fulfil by using CSAM, and finally the justifications you use to allow yourself to use the harmful content.

Our actions are based on three factors

According to cognitive behavioral theory.

  1. behavior
  2. thoughts
  3. feelings

The three factors operate together. Through cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation, by changing thoughts, it is possible to also change behavior.

Help us to help you survey 2021

30% of CSAM users (N= 1 787) said that they would like to stop searching for and using CSAM/illegal violent material nearly every time they view it.

In the following tasks, you will consider your underlying motives for using CSAM, and the psychological and sexual needs that you are trying to fulfil through your use of CSAM. These motives and needs are different for everyone.

My pathway to using CSAM.


This section will help you identify triggers that lead you down the path of CSAM use.

By recognizing these factors, and by practicing alternative responses, you can control your own behavior and step off the path to CSAM use.

You will gain a better understanding of the factors that cause you to use CSAM and learn new skills that will help you abandon harmful thoughts and behaviors and replace them with new goals.