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Self-help program

3.5 Motivations and needs

In the previous tasks you looked at your life at the moment and the triggering internal and external factors that lead you to use CSAM. In this task you will identify the underlying motives behind your use of CSAM.

All our behavior is guided by motives and using CSAM is no exception. The motives of individuals to watch CSAM may be related to sexual needs or other personal psychological needs that the individual tries to fulfil through using CSAM. Alternatively, an individual may have some other inhibitions preventing them from achieving sexual fulfilment through socially acceptable means.

Identifying underlying motivations and needs

When examining your use of CSAM and deviant sexual arousal through the framework of motivations/needs, two things must be considered:

  • What is the purpose of using CSAM for you?
  • What is the significance of using CSAM for you?

Carefully consider these questions and write down your answers.​