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Self-help program

Concern assessment questionnaire

Do you have concerns about your use of CSAM? Answer this short concern assessment questionnaire to see whether the ReDirection self-help program could be helpful for you.

Should I be worried about my online behavior related to viewing child sexual abuse material (CSAM)? Do I need help?

  • Do you use violent images or videos imagery that contains CSAM or images that sexualize children?
  • Are you concerned about your use of CSAM?
  • Have you tried to stop using CSAM and not been able to do so?
  • Have you experienced the need to act on your desires after using the CSAM?
  • Do you experience anxiety, depression, or shame about using CSAM?
  • Do you use drugs when using CSAM?
  • Do you feel that you are unable to control your thoughts, emotions or actions related to CSAM?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, this self-help program might help you to reflect and find ways to control your online behavior.


In addition to the ReDirection self-help program, we encourage you to apply for additional support. You can find more information and links to other support in the end of this program: